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The cafe that I will be telling you guys about is called Coutume, I went to this cafe many many times because it was in the 7th arrondissement which was were I lived, which is a breakfast and lunch cafe that is open from 8am until 6pm (the French eat lunch pretty late!). They mainly sell many different exotic types of coffee. Some of their main breakfast dishes include pancakes with bacon, potatoes, cheese and syrup, seems kind of random but let me tell you it's reallllyyy good! On their coffee menu they have an espresso which is a pure shot of just coffee, they have filtered coffee, Café Crème which had a lot of milk added, and finally they have a Cappuccino which is about 50 50 on the coffee to milk ratio.
The last restaurant that I am going to be reviewing is called Les Deux Magots. This cafe has a funny name but great food. Les Deux Magots is a breakfast, lunch, and dinner cafe. This cafe is a real hangout type cafe where people spend hours dining and interacting with their friends and family. All in all these cafes stood out from the others!

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