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Covid-19 in Paris

What's it like Living in Paris during a pandemic?

I moved to Paris on January 15, 2020 a short while before the pandemic hit. I was doing really well in school, was making new friends, and was really really enjoying my life in Paris when one day the government shut everything down because of Covid-19, which ended up having us move back to Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara is a great town though!). When we went into lockdown in Paris we thought that it would only last two weeks, turns out it lasted four months. We were stuck in our apartment for two months straight, being able to leave only for a hour to get groceries or to exercise.
French lockdowns and other European countries have insanely strict lockdown measures, while here in the United States it's just a giant mess. For school we had to switch to online Zoom class (that's where my Zoom nightmares began! yay!). I would wake up around 7:30am and then make my coffee because I need coffee to survive, especially during Covid-19, anyway I would then start Zoom around 9am and then have an hour and a half lunch break, it was wild. After school I would have to spend five more hours on my computer to complete school work, so all in all I would spend about eight hours each day on staring aimlessly at a screen.

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